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The Photobook Club Amsterdam

PBC AMSMatt Johnston’s wonderful concept of the The Photobook Club has also reached Amsterdam, where last April Shirley Agudo and I organized a first meeting with ten people. The concept of our meetings subscribe to Matt’s statement: “The Photobook Club aims to promote and enable discussion surrounding the photo book format.” In informal meetings we bring together people from different educational and professional backgrounds, but with love and interest for the (photo) book, or the eagerness to learn more about it through round table discussions (though we keep the academic jargon limited to a minimum). Each meeting will feature at least two photobooks. Sometimes favorites picked by attendees, other times themes might be suggested, or choices prompted by actual events.

Coming thursday June 27th we will hold the PBC Amsterdam’s second meeting, with a slightly larger group, unfortunately still as an invite-only event. Matt Johnston will be our honored guest talking about the idea for the PBC and presenting a classic that made him start the thing. Hans Gremmen will present one of his recent photobook designs, namely Rinko Kawauchi’s Ametsuchi (New York: Aperture, 2013).

I’m looking forward to this, and to future semi-public gatherings of The Photobook Club Amsterdam!

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